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"Software For Serious SEOs"
Manage, Scale &  Grow Your SEO Business Without Spreadsheets
Built For SEOs By SEOs
Keep track of all the tasks and data required to rank your websites including VA & staff allocated tasks, and manage the ever growing complexity of your PBN network, expenses and income, articles, posts, links and resources.
Built For Growth
SEO Gamechanger is built to support processes in your SEO business that allows you to scale without losing control of your valuable data.
Built For Easy Use
SEO Gamechanger is designed and built to be easy and intuitive to use for you and your staff.
No More Spreadsheets!
SEO Gamechanger will revolutionize the SEO industry by making it easy to manage and organize all facets of SEO implementation. It offers the following features: 
  • Eliminate Spreadsheets for tracking all your SEO Data
  •  Track and manage your PBN network including domain renewals, hosting, expenses, links, metrics
  •  Track earnings and expenses both per client and at an overall business level
  •  Task management and allocation including allocation to Staff/Virtual Assistants and reminders/notifications
  •  Track & record outsourced work (fiverr gigs etc)
  •  Client task management and reporting including checklists and reminders 
  •  Sub Accounts for VA’s and Agencies
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"For the year and a half, I have been growing my client SEO business. My biggest struggle has not been acquiring clients, it's been managing them. Trying to keep of track in a spreadsheet when I sent PBN links and what articles I have used for which clients. There wasn't an all in one solution until I came across David Newbury's SEO Gamechanger. Saving hours of time for each client and executing more organized SEO campaigns."
David Strauss
"The idea behind SEO Gamechanger is spot on. I’ve seen this idea come to fruition and I’m really looking forward to implementing its capabilities in my own business. It’s going to be a huge timesaver!"
Brad Smith
"Just checking to see how the software is coming along. I was fighting with my excel sheets today and it was so frustrating scrolling back and forth to make sure every form was filled out. It's visually cluttered. There just isn't a good, affordable option for us SEO's If you can keep me posted on when that launch is, I'll be one of the first in. Can't wait."
Quinton Hamp -
"Since my SEO agency is growing every month, my team, the number of tasks, PBN's and other required resources to fulfill my services and get my clients results is growing very fast as well. While it is a great thing to run a growing agency, it turned into quite a struggle to manage all these different things, keep track of everything and stay efficient at the same time. Fortunately, I am good friends with David who is just about to solve all these problems for me. He already walked me through SEO Game Changer, and I am so looking forward to him finishing this piece of software to use it in my agency and make my life much easier. No matter if you are running an SEO agency with a local team (like I do) or if you are working with VA's, I highly recommend to check out Davids software because it will make your life much easier too."
Christian Weiss - Agentur KUNDENSTROM (Regensburg, GERMANY)
"SEO Gamechanger is just an all around must-have tool for tracking and optimizing your PBN network to its fullest potential. David Newbury didn’t just build this software to sell it, like some internet marketers, he built it because he needed it for his own successful SEO consulting business. Knowing how seriously David takes his SEO business, I trust that anyone who needs to track their link building across multiple sites will get amazing value out of this tool."
Vince Trujillo - RocketBox SEO
SEO Gamechanger Features:
Client Management
Full Client Management and Reporting including Websites, Links, Resources, Checklists and Reminders
PBN Management
Track and manage your PBN Network Domains including Domain Renewals, Hosting, Expenses, Links, and Metrics from AHRefs, Majestic & MOZ including Index status of your PBN Network. Also the PBN Manager ensures that you do not leave footprints when posting links to your Client websites by checking factors such as IP Address and Nameserver conflicts, dual posting from PBNs and Anchor Text.
Task Management
Task Management and Tracking including Allocation to VAs/Staff and Dashboard Reminders/Notifications
Resources Management
Track & Record all Resources for your business including Software Subscriptions, Training and Outsourced work
Take Action! You Won't Regret It!
40 PBN Licence
$37 month
Manage up to 40 PBNs
1 Sub Account
80 PBN Licence
$57 month
Manage up to 80 PBNs
3 Sub Accounts
$97 month
Manage Unlimited PBNs
Unlimited Sub Accounts

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